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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Client design work.

Just popping in to share another corner of my design client's home. We are doing so much editing and organizing that it's exciting when we get enough space cleared to decorate. This corner is part  of the living room that will be designated the "library".  It will house my client's huge collection of antique resource and art books.  But it will also showcase her art collected over many, many years of hunting through antique stores, flea markets and estate sales. Love that architects model of the Palace of Fine Arts.

Designing with vintage by The Pickled Hutch

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hudson River School Painting just listed Etsy

I just finished listing this gorgeous Hudson River School oil painting on Etsy.  It had been passed down through the same family since the 1800's.  It was part of a collection that included an Osthaus dog watercolor (rare since only 10% of his body of work was in watercolor) and a beautiful lone tree oil by Ransome Gillet Holdrege, considered to be one of the top northern California artists of the late 19th century.  The painting measures 14" x 21", the frame 20"x 27".   Can you imagine the home of the original owner with these gracing the walls? This is so lovely in  person with it's rich autumnal palette. It has a possible signature on the lower left but I haven't been able to decipher it.

Hudson River School Oil Painting at The Picked Hutch
Hudson River School Oil Painting

Hudson River School Oil Painting at The Picked Hutch

Hudson River School Oil Painting at The Picked Hutch

Hudson River School Oil Painting at The Picked Hutch

Hudson River School Oil Painting at The Picked Hutch
Possible signature

Hudson River School Oil Painting at The Picked Hutch

Hudson River School Oil Painting at The Picked Hutch

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Winged times

It's been an hectic month so far. Mom had knee replacement surgery a couple weeks ago which in itself, isn't necessarily a critical surgery. It's the first of 2 . It's just that it's the third hospitalization within 2 years which just makes me a wee bit nervous to be honest.  I am not my mothers daughter in that respect. I hate hospitals and the vulnerable way they make you feel. She's a retired RN so she is basically in charge when she's there. And my sister has worked in the medical field so takes a more practical view of it all.  I've been going back and forth between Stockton and San Francisco while trying to keep the store going and keeping up with prior client commitments.  And yes, I have dropped the ball on a few things in the process.  I'm still seeking that balance I was supposed to be striving for this year.
It's been interesting being in mom's house without her there.  It's so quiet. I find myself wandering around looking for something to do.  It makes me realize how much of a presence she is and how much of the energy of the house emanates from her.  I found myself looking at old family photos.  These in particular are two of my favorites. 

They were such a great looking young couple and looked so happy in these pictures. 
On the upside, I am so proud of how hard mom is working on her rehabilitation.  She has a great roommate at the care facility who keeps her talking and laughing.  They have become fast friends and cheer each other on.  

I had to close the store down to four days a week this month just to make time for all the outside obligations. And am grateful for the clients who have been so understanding. I rely on their good graces. I can't say everyone has been but you can't please everyone can you?  It's just hard to shake off that feeling that you might have let someone down.

Poor Alfie has been thrown off his routine and wonders why we keep going back to that place that has that black cat (Midnight, mom's fur baby) that scares him so!  Although,  he did get to go inside the care facility with me to see mom and charm the pants off everyone.

Who me?

So this week it's back to focusing on the store, knocking out those paint projects and refocusing on my Etsy once again. I just listed my latest find today. Aren't they fabulous? Victorian Russian Imperial gold earrings in their original custom made case.

Victorian Russian Imperial gold earrings at The Pickled Hutch

Victorian Russian Imperial gold earrings at The Pickled Hutch

Victorian Russian Imperial gold earrings at The Pickled Hutch

Victorian Russian Imperial gold earrings at The Pickled Hutch

I also listed this pair of Art Nouveau brushes with beautiful repousse of a woman and calla lilies.

Art Nouveau silver brushes with repousse at The Pickled Hutch

Art Nouveau silver brushes with repousse at The Picked Hutch

And oh yes, got to add a much needed haircut for the little guy. 

We won't even talk about his mom...

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Layering with color

Just sharing some layering I did with color in my design client's living room.  I am taking my time and being very selective with her decor. Previously, pictures were rather randomly placed and there was very little vacant surface or wall space.  
Phase I

Layering with color by The Pickled Hutch
Phase II

Florals are painted on both sides of their glass canvas. Don't they add a brilliant pop of color? Everything you see here was already in my client's home. We are just putting her collection together in a way that is unique and yet cohesive.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Random finds from The Pickled Hutch

18th/19th century portrait miniature by Renner

18th/19th century portrait miniature by Renner

So today I am sharing pictures of random items that I have been cleaning, researching, photographing and listing this week.  Starting with the above portrait miniature from the late 18th century-early 19th century. Such gorgeous color and detail. It should be. The artist apparently did small renderings of Thomas Gainsborough portraits. And we know how gorgeous his work was!
Then there was this handsome little guy! He's a 1930's Dodge hood ornament in the traditional deco style so popular at the time. I spent a couple hours researching and could not find what model car this would have graced. Men were less common in hood ornaments. It makes sense when you realize back in the day, men would give their car a woman's name.

1930's Dodge hood ornament

1930's Dodge hood ornament at The Pickled Hutch

Petite trumpet vase marked sterling with the hallmark for the E.G. Webster Co. (est. 1859). Beautiful cutout work along rim.

Antique sterling trumpet vase at The Pickled Hutch

Antique sterling trumpet vase at The Pickled Hutch

This is a wonderful little cookbook from the 1915 World's Fair in San Francisco. Look how cute the illustrations are!

1915 Pan Pacific cookbook from The World's Fair

1915 Pan Pacific cookbook from The World's Fair

And then these 1930's American Optical frames came in. Guess who got a new pair of reading glasses?

Last but not least, this beautiful 1880's Victorian chromolithograph of a guardian angel watching over a little girl picking flowers on a precarious ledge. I love all the turquoise in the background. No surprise there!

Victorian print of angel and child at The Pickled Hutch

Victorian print of angel and child at The Pickled Hutch

Most of these items can be found at the store and on Etsy. 

Night all!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Sometimes you just get lucky!

I was researching this little sterling decanter label for a about an hour when I finally found the maker.  I am not a silver expert so yes, it took an hour. Lucky you say? That was just the result of doing the work. What's the lucky part? I had a choice between a couple English silversmiths when lo and behold.  Next to this particular silversmiths name,  it was listed that he was known for making decanter labels. How specific can you get? It was made in the late 1700's (1784-1799) by John Hutson.


I would love to know who those initials belong to!
Just listed on Etsy.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Rug, Wall Hanging, Throw?

The most interesting suggestion so far is that it is a French or Belgium throw pre-WWII.

I have been trying to research this beauty for a couple weeks now. So many opinions and suggestions out there. It's a mystery if it is french or belgium because I haven't found any design remotely like it using those tags. It's in excellent condition and the colors are still rich and beautiful. Interesting background on the original owners.  My client inherited this from her grandparents. Her grandfather was a lawyer up in the foothills and worked with a lot of miners who would trade for legal services. Who knows where it came from?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Time is flying again!

Where does it go and why does it have to go so quickly?

It has been a whirlwind of activity over the last few months and not just because of the holidays.  Alfie and I had a rough end of 2014 and beginning of 2015.

Poor little guy was sick,
My sad little boy.

I had oral surgery,

Just, ugh!

the flu and a fender bender all within 4 weeks.  But though this year is happily off to a better start, 

Alfie has his happy face back!

After receiving some much needed coddling.

it's off to a running start. The store has me busier than ever. 

Never ending shipments

Lots of rewiring and lighting restoration.

Add maintaining social media sites like Pinterest,

And Instagram,

And Facebook,

custom furniture painting, as well as a secondary design job that will take me well into 2016 and...

Plaster restoration and new paint

Well you get the picture! I have also been replenishing my Etsy store with gorgeous and unique items. 

Vintage alabaster

Antique Flow blue bowl

Antique Czech perfume bottle

Victorian tiebacks

1940's crystal bookends

1970 Shreve & Co paperweight

Huge Mid Century hourglass

Lustrous shell and hobnail glass bottle

And let's not forget my artistic endeavors. 

VIntage Mannequin by The Pickled Hutch

Vintage mannequin by The Pickled Hutch

Redesign of vintage lamp shade by The Pickled Hutch

The  Pickled Hutch

Repurposing projects like this jewelry stand.
Trying to keep it all balanced is my biggest challenge. It's funny, I used to think that I had balance so long as I was juggling everything and getting everything done that needed to be done.  Because being a task oriented person and being productive means being balanced right? Getting that list accomplished and checked off means being balanced right? Whoa, who I kidding? I am a one woman show and it's time to stop and smell the roses. Otherwise, something has got to give. Learn to prioritize and observe what else is around me rather than that list that's directly in front of my eyes. Yes, sigh. That is my word for the new year. Balance. Keep repeating. Balance.