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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Holiday Season

Well here it is, two months later.  Since September…

A client who has become a dear friend flew me to Portland early October to help her make her new house a home. Kim and I have worked on several projects and each experience has been a blast. 

Alfie thought he might be able sneak in the luggage and go as well.  


Fortunately my good friends Shawn and Pam took care of him for me and I don't think I was missed at all do you?

This was an early Halloween vignette we did on her mantle. I was drooling over that huge trophy cup.  Then it was home to dress the store in it's handcrafted Halloween finest.

This vintage Oscar dela Renta in black helped add to the dramatic effect.

Then, time for my favorite time of year. The whole store got a huge revamp, client commissioned paint projects knocked out left and right and holiday products were in round the clock production.  We had our Annual Holiday Open House a bit earlier this year which was a huge success. I am always so grateful for the help of loyal friends and loyal customers.  We can always count on a great turnout.  Now I am working on replacement inventory for the rest of the season. It's a glitterfest with most of the projects so I'll be wearing it as an accessory most of November and December. Retail can be challenging this time of year especially as most our holiday decor is made by hand. But all the smiles, energy and excitement in the air makes it worth it.  

Thanksgiving week started out with painting the hallway, editing bookcases and cleaning the carpets. And rearranging furniture and all the artwork while most people were scanning family recipes. 

The actual day was wonderful spent with mom and good friends. The cold snap made the rest of the weekend so cozy inside with lots of candles, music, movies, games, good food. 

Alfie and I took thursday and friday off for the first time ever but did reopen for Small Business Saturday. Our clients once again amazed us with their support by making a point of patronizing their favorite small businesses that day. There was such a wonderful sense of community all day long.
Then back to more rearranging at home in prep for holiday decorating. Unfortunately, in the last couple years, home during the holidays has been more like the shoemaker whose kids go shoeless. It's been sorely neglected because of all the time and energy consumed by the store.  This year will be different.

These preserved cedar branches warm up the mantle beautifully.

I am making crowns for these little cuties who have found their perch for the holiday season.

This year, I am determined to enjoy the holiday sparkle, and participate more fully in the festivities and spirit of this season. I have good friends going through some very serious, very difficult times right now.  And it's all way beyond their control.  My heart aches for their pain and makes me grateful for my blessings. Once again serving as reminders that life is too short to wait till next week, next time, next year. It's a start.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Is it finished yet?

I literally spent 10 hours on this crystal chandelier. It arrived dirty, rusty and with a fine spray of paint coating the whole thing. Thank god for good friends, one of whom helped me for 3 of those hours, in rubbing every single crystal with steel wool until we cleaned the paint off.



It was so dark when I finished tonight I couldn't take a good picture.  Check back in tomorrow!

Charcoal and Gold

Redo on a mid century classic.

Charcoal gold painted dresser The Pickled Hutch

Friday, September 26, 2014

Morgana and Oscar de la Renta

Morgana couldn't decide which one to wear with her vintage Oscar de la Renta dress.

Halloween necklaces vintage Oscar de la Renta dress The Pickled Hutch

So she just decided to wear all of them!
Just $26 each, limited supply.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dr Wall period Worcester porcelain

Dr John Wall, a physician and William Davis, an apothecary, developed a unique method for producing porcelain and in 1751, persuaded a group of 13 businessmen to invest in a new factory in Worcester, England, on the banks of the River Severn. By 1755, Worcester was making the best blue and white English porcelain wares ever created. Dr Wall secured the sum of £4500 (approx. $7331 in U.S. dollars) from the partners to establish the factory, known then as "The Worcester Tonquin Manufactory". The original partnership deeds are still housed in the Museum of Worcester Porcelain. The period from foundation to 1783, when it was acquired by Thomas Flight, is known as the First Period or the Dr Wall period.

Worcester soft paste porcelain Dr Wall period

I acquired this bowl some time ago but never really did the research until now.  I just thought it was a beautiful old paste bowl. 

Worcester soft paste porcelain Dr Wall period

Turns out, I have something really, really special. 

Worcester soft paste porcelain Dr Wall period

This is Worcester soft paste porcelain, from the Dr Wall period, circa 1760.  The pattern is called Cannonball.

Worcester soft paste porcelain Dr Wall period

The hallmark is a crescent shape.

Worcester soft paste porcelain Dr Wall period

Pays to do my research! This is a rare, exceptional piece and in incredible condition. Just listed on Etsy.

Halloween Jewelry for grownups!

This design is a bit of a modern take on Halloween jewelry.  Halloween jewelry for grownups who still have a bit of kid in them! Just finished and listed on Etsy.

Harlequin Halloween jewelry by The Pickled Hutch

Harlequin Halloween jewelry by The Pickled Hutch

Harlequin Halloween jewelry by The Pickled Hutch